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The Merkava Mk. 4 Tank is the forth generation of the Israeli Merkava tanks. Based on combat experience, it represents cutting-edge tank technologies in , mobility and fire-power.
The Merkava Mk. 4 took part in actual combat and lived up to IDF's expectations

Merkava Mk. 4 Tank

Basic description:

Survivability and Protection: Equipped with the active-protection hard-kill system, "Trophy", the Mk. 4 provides the best protection level ever. Other survivability features: all-round ballistic protection, including roof protection, provided by modular Special Armor, tank systems weight is utilized to enhance crew protection (e.g.: the location of the power-pack in the front), and a state of the art Laser Warning System.

Mobility: The Mk. 4 is equipped with a state of the art diesel-based power-pack. It also features a robust hydro-mechanical suspension. The automotive system enables the tank to negotiate rough terrain while maintaining crew comfort thus sustaining a high level of crew readiness.

Fire- Power: The upgraded 120mm main gun is capable of firing high power ammunition as well as multi-mode rounds that are set in chamber. The advanced Fire-Control System is capable of tracking, locking and hitting moving targets, like tanks and helicopters, using the standard tank ammunition.

Other systems incorporated into Merkava Mk. 4 include:
  • Advanced thermal imaging and TV systems.
  • All-electrical turret and gun control system.
  • Independent panoramic stabilized commander sight, equipped with thermal and TV channels.
  • An integrated C4I system, available to all crewmembers.
  • Rearward looking camera.
  • An upgraded internal mortar with increased firing range.
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APT)
Over the last forty years, the Merkava program has promoted considerable expansion of Israel's industrial and technological potential.

Improved technologies related to tank manufacturing include welding and machining of large armor bodies, casting of ballistic steels, production of guns, state of the art electro-optical systems, and protection and armor technologies, including the recent active protection "Trophy".

The Merkava technologies were applied throughout the years in many other combat vehicles worldwide, new and upgraded alike.

Merkava Mk. 4 - Main Systems

Merkava Mk. 4 - Main Companies

Merkava Mk. 4 - Main Companies

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